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xxxxxHaving just moved to New York to take up a positioned a general practitioner in the Mendel Clinic, Elizabeth is one of the few obviously mutant members of the institution's medical staff. She tends toward the serious and intent with a distinct lack of relaxation.


xxxxxElizabeth is unusual in that she is an obvious mutant, with huge white feathered wings, whilst also being a qualified and practising doctor. Her parents are moderately well known evangelists in the South who are quite supportive of her and in her late teens she did feature on television being portrayed as a gift from god, taking full advantage of her feathery winged appearance. That was nearly a decade ago though.


xxxxx Twenty foot span feathery wings which allow extremely agile flight and are impossible to conceal. These additional limbs are fully integrated allowing extraordinary balance and agility whilst also being inhumanly strong, the enormous strength (and matching bone durability) is unique to the wings though and keeping healthy requires at least double normal calorie intake, more in event of extensive flight. Top horizontal speed without a following wind is slightly under a hundred miles an hour, maintaining eighty miles an hour is roughly equivalent in effort to a jog and fifty to sixty miles an hour perhaps a brisk walk able to be maintained all day in favourable conditions. Vertical takeoff and landing are possible but hovering for any period of time strenuous.



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Full Name
Codename None
Birthdate 1985-07-27
Species Mutant
Affiliation Mendel Clinic
Alignment None
Powers Angelic Wings
Occupation Doctor
Registration Status Registered (Gamma)
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