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*On the inside
*On the inside
**[[Rasheed]] -- Prometheus co-founder, administrator of a number of labs throughout the northeast.
**[[Rasheed]] -- Prometheus co-founder, administrator of a number of labs throughout the eastern US.
*Rescue team & supporters
*Rescue team & supporters
**[[Jackson]] - Raid co-organizer
**[[Jackson]] - Raid co-organizer
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**[[NPC-Daiki|Daiki]] - Support crew
**[[Melinda]] - Support crew
**[[Melinda]] - Support crew
**[[Tag]] - Support crew
**[[Tag]] - Support crew
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*[[Prometheus NPCs]]

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Stealing fire

xxxxxA secret government project to research mutant powers and attempt to utilize/replicate them.


xxxxxThe inadvertent brainchild of Rasheed and some of his colleagues, Prometheus, like many horrible things, was actually founded with good intentions. For all that's worth when it went so quickly sour. Originated as a project to more thoroughly understand and hopefully learn from mutant abilities, it soon developed the rather severe flaw of neglecting to obtain consent for any of the experiments it did, which slowly grew more and more invasive in scope.

xxxxxThe first lab was opened in 2004, though at the time their methods were not so inhumane and their methods of obtaining subjects not so unethical. As the project grew in scope and the government got more and more heavily involved, pushing harder for the project to help in military ventures rather than its original focuses, their practices grew more brutal, eventually evolving into Prometheus as it is today -- an extensive nationwide operation that imprisons mutants and uses them as labrats in a wide variety of experiments.

Involved Characters
  • Prometheus has been quietly responsible for an enormous number of leaps in various fields; a large number of new treatments for varying ailments have stemmed from Prometheus research, as well as improvements in everything from solar power to crop fertilizers.
  • Some of Prometheus's less savory developments have been brainchips that can control the behavior of their patients, and processes for transferring mutant powers to humans, though this latter has only been accomplished as yet with severe risk to both the mutant and human subjects.
  • Though many of Prometheus's workers are aligned with or sympathetic to the Friends of Humanity, not all their employees are anti-mutant or even human. It takes a certain skewed moral compass to accept the things they do, but many of its workers are not operating out of any particularly anti-mutant bigotry so much as a more ends-justify-the-means attitude, seeing their subjects as unfortunate but necessary costs in the name of scientific progress and pointing to the very real leaps they have made in various fields as justification for their work.
TP Contacts

xxxxxIf you have any questions about Prometheus or wish to be involved on any side, contact Rasheed or Shane for details.

Status Active
Type Governmental Torture Research Project
Risk-Level Medium
(Estimated) Dates Indefinite
Location Nationwide
Affected Factions All
TP GMs Rasheed, Shane
TP Hooks
Scientific Progress goes Boink - Scientifically inclined? Not overly possessed of conscience? Looking for work? Prometheus can help!
Gifted - Ooor maybe your mutant power might help in the cause of SCIENCE. You want to help science, don't you?
Meddlesome - Of course, some backwards-minded people don't like science. MAYBE you want to be working to take Prometheus down. Good luck!
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